|11|. Create a conversation with a protester


    1. Upload the media
      1. Click on the “Media” tab in the Header.
      2. Click on the + button above “Upload Media”
      3. Name: Protester
      4. Choose File: Locate and upload Protester.jpeg from the Workbook Media folder
    2. From the Scenes Tab, click the + on the Left Sidebar next to Conversations to create a new conversation
      1. Name the conversation “Protester”
      2. Click on Icon and set the Protester.jpeg as the icon
      3. Save the Conversation
    3. Add the Protester conversation to the Scene by clicking the + to the right of the “Starting Scene” title and selecting “Conversation”

**** NOTE: Notice that you can change the location of the Protester in the Right Sidebar. When you click on the Protester conversation within the Starting Scene, the Trigger settings will appear. Within the Trigger settings is a map. You can set the location of an object using this screen or using the “Locations” tab (found in the header) as you did above when you placed the Editor on the map. ****