|04|. Create an Introduction Plaque

Storyline: When the player starts we want them to see a Plaque that will introduce them to the game. The first thing you need to do in order to make this happen is create a new Plaque. Here is how you do that.


What is a Plaque? A Plaque is the most basic kind of game object. It is typically used to provide a player with static information. A Plaque can have a title, description, and media (e.g., image, audio, video).


Creating the Introduction Plaque

    1. Click on the “Scenes” tab in the Header.
    2. To create a Plaque click the + button next to the Plaques title in the Left Sidebar
    3. Fill out the form that appears.
      1. Name: "Introduction"
      2. Text: "It is October 1967. You are a reporter working for the Wisconsin State Journal who has been assigned to cover anti-Dow Chemical protests. Find your editor to get started”
      3. Skip an “Icon” or “Media” (You’ll learn how to add icons later)
      4. Skip “Modify Player” (You’ll learn how to add icons later)
      5. Save.
intro plague.jpg


What is an Icon? Icons are small graphics associated with an object. For example, when objects are viewed via the map, players see the Icon associated with the object. Each type of object (Plaque, Item, Conversation) has a different default Icon, but as a designer you can add your own Icons.

What is Media? Media includes audio, video, images that players can view when they interact with an object.

We’ll cover how to upload and add media later in this tutorial.