|06|. Create a conversation with the editor


What is a conversation? A conversation is an interactive ordering of text and media. For now, let’s use the most basic metaphor for conversations; that they represent a discussion between a player and a virtual character. While it is beyond the scope of this demo, Conversations can be designed using a variety of other metaphors as well.

Each conversation is made up of three parts:

    • Characters - The participants in your conversation. Characters are defined by their name and media (portrait/image). They are created in the left sidebar (with the (+) button) and can be associated with specific lines in a conversation.
    • Lines - A line is text (or html including javascript) spoken by a Character. When a player sees a line, they also see the media (e.g., portrait) associated with that Character. A line can also “modify a player” by taking or giving items and attributes. Note that Attributes are not covered in this tutorial.
    • Choices - After each line, you can give the player one or more choices. This allows you to create a branching dialog where players are given choices or options for how they want to respond. Choices contain a prompt, which appears as a button when players look at it on their screen. Actions are what happens when the player makes a particular choice.

To learn more about Conversations: http://manual.arisgames.org/editor/conversations

Storyline: After viewing the Introduction Plaque, the player will talk with their Editor. The Editor will be the first person the player meets. First, he will ask the player if they are ready or not and the player will have the choice of saying “Yes” or “No”. If the player answers “Yes”, the Editor will task them with interviewing some protesters.


Creating the Editor Conversation

    1. From the Scenes Tab, click the + on the Left Sidebar next to Conversations to create a new Conversation.
    2. Name the Conversation “Editor”. No other options are needed.
    3. Save
    4. Add the Editor conversation to the Starting Scene by clicking the + to the right of the “Starting Scene” title and then selecting “Conversation” and choosing the “Editor” from the list.