|10|. Create a protest flyer

Storyline: After talking to the Editor, the player will head over to a group of protesters who will hand them a protest flyer. The protesters will be a new Conversation, while the flyer will be an Item. First, you’ll create the flyer. Then,


What is an item? Items are game objects that players can pick up, drop (on the map), and destroy (vs. simply visit and view them). Like Plaques, they include a title, text, media (image, video, or sound), and an icon. When players pick up (or are given an item), it appears in their Inventory. Images embedded in Items can pinched and zoomed.


At this point let’s create the Protest Flyer as an Item. Later we’ll set it up so that the player is handed the flyer when they trigger a Conversation called “Protester”.

    1. Upload the media that will be associated with the Flyer (I.e., the digital version of the flyer).
      1. Click on the “Media” tab in the Header.
      2. Click on the + button above “Upload Media”
      3. Name: Protest Flyer
      4. Choose File: Locate and upload Protest Flyer.jpeg from the Workshop Media folder
      5. Save
    2. Create the Item (Protest Flyer): From the Scenes Tab, click the + on the Left Sidebar next to Player Attributes / Items to create a new conversation (See image on right).
      1. Name: Protest Flyer
      2. Description: Based on an original flyer handed out in 1967 at the protests
      3. Weight: 0
      4. Max Qty in Inventory: 1
      5. Notify on Change: Checked
      6. Droppable: Unchecked
      7. Destroyable: Checked
      8. Type: Normal
      9. Tag: None
      10. Upload Media: Protest Flyer.jpeg
      11. Save