|09|. Move the editor


What are locations? One way that ARIS objects (Plaques, Conversations, etc.) can be triggered is by location. This can happen by either having the player Physically go to a location OR by having them Touch an object on the map. For the purposes of this demo you’ll do the latter. To do this, you will use a Trigger Setting called “Available anywhere”.


    1. Click on the “Locations” tab in the Header. We are working on changing this, but for now note that any objects you create are initially placed on the map in Madison, WI.
    2. Click, hold, and drag the icon on the map. This icon represents the Editor Conversation
    3. Move the Editor to any location on the map. You can move it to a location near you, or you can place it on UW-Madison campus which is where the protests took place. Note that you can use the search box in the upper lefthand corner to switch locations on the map. To do so, simply type in an address or location.

**** Now is a good time to TEST YOUR GAME. When you go back into your game you should be able to use the “Map” tab (click on the icon with three lines in it in the upper right hand of the screen) and then zoom around until you see the Editor icon on the map. If you clicked on “Available Anywhere” when you set this character up in the editor you should be able to click on the icon to start the conversation ****