|12|. Write the dialog for the protester


    1. Click on the “Protester” in the Left Sidebar (under Conversations)
    2. Click on “Script Editor”
    3. Click on the + in the Left Sidebar next to Characters.
    4. Create a new character
      1. Name: Protester
      2. Title: Protester
      3. Media: Select Protester.jpeg
      4. Save
    5. Click the + above Start Conversation
    6. Click on the first white box. This will bring up options in the Right Sidebar.
      1. Speaker: Protester
      2. Text: “Hey there. I hope you are here to join the protests. Do you want a flyer?”
      3. Edit Events: Ignore this
      4. Save
    7. Click on the black arrow pointing right. This will create a new dialog branch
    8. Click on the down arrow above the green box that says “Bye-Bye”. Now you should have two prompts (i.e., two blue boxes). Change these, so that one reads “Yes” and the other reads “No”
    9. Continue and create the dialog tree shown below. This is the same process you used when you created the Editor Conversation above.
protest convo.jpg

Now let’s make it so that the protester hands you a flyer if you answer “Yes”

    1. Click on the white box under the prompt that says “Yes”
    2. Set it so that this interaction modifies the player (in this case gives them an item).
      1. Click on “Edit Events”
      2. Click on “Add Row”
        1. Action - Give to Player
        2. What - Protest Flyer
        3. Quantity - 1 (See image below)
      3. Save