The authoring Tool

ARIS Editor Basic UI (embiggen)

The basic interface of the editor is divided into four sections:

  • A main window
  • A Left Sidebar - contains your game’s objects
  • A Right Sidebar - game object details when an object is selected
  • A header containing tabs - changes what is in the main window
    • Scenes - A visual organizer for making your games. We think of this as the main interface for authoring in ARIS 2.
    • Locations - a map with all your game’s locations. Very similar to the main window in ARIS 1.
    • Quests - Edit and Create Quests here.
    • Conversations - Create and Edit Conversations between players and virtual characters in an awesome visual diagram. Very different from ARIS 1.
    • Media - View and upload media for your game.
    • Game Settings - settings for your game.
    • My games - your games.
    • Logout - logs you out.