|03|. Create a New Game

To create ARIS games you need to use the online authoring tool which can be found at arisgames.org/editor. To view or play things you created in the editor you need an iOS device that has the ARIS app installed. In other words, you build games using the ARIS editor, and you play games (both your own and ones created by other people) via the ARIS app on an iOS device. You can download the ARIS app via the App Store.

Storyline: In this walkthrough you will create a stripped down version of Dow Day. Here is what your end story will look like. First, your player will view a Plaque welcoming them to 1967. Then, they will meet their editor (this will be a type of game object called a Conversation) who will tell them that they should talk to some protesters. Next, they will talk to some protesters (another Conversation) who will hand them a protest flyer (this will be a game object called an Item). Finally, they will see a group of protesters marching and chanting (this will be delivered via a Plaque containing an embedded video clip).

Create a new game - Let’s start by creating a new game and adding some initial content.


    1. Go to the ARIS Editor at: arisgames.org/editor
    2. Click on “New Game”
    3. Add a Title: “Dow Demo” (You can make the title and description whatever you want and can always change it later).
    4. Add a description in the text box: “Look ma, I’m learning ARIS” or “My first situated documentary” or “It’s 1967. You are a reporter. Go get a good story!” Note that you don’t need the quotes.
    5. Save

NOTE: At this time your game will be private - i.e., only you will have access to it. Below you’ll learn how to publish your game, so that others can play it on their iOS device.

Screen Layout ARIS authoring tool.jpg

Screen Layout: ARIS Authoring Tool