Game Recipe: An Indoor Tour (AASLH Workshop)


In this workshop, we are going to introduce the tools needed to produce a simple, indoor tour.


For this workshop you will need:

  • A computer with internet connection
  • An iOS Device with ARIS installed and an internet connection
  • An ARIS account

Step 1: Create a new game

Once you have logged into ARIS Create a New Game.

Step 2: Create a Plaque

For a simple tour, the main ARIS object we will use is "Plaques." Plaques are the most simple ARIS object type and perfect for explanation, narration and other player experiences that are primarily about content.

To create a plaque, click the + button next to the Plaques title on the left bar of the Scenes Tab and fill out the form that appears. Wait to add media.

Click Save.

Step 3: Upload Media

Open for some sample media

Start by clicking on the Media Tab at the top of the editor.

Click the Upload Media + button.

On the form that comes up, click the Choose File button and select the media you would like to upload from your computer.

Add a Name to your media to help identify it in the future.

Click Save.

Step 4: Add the Media to the Plaque

Now that you have some media in your tour, click back on the Scenes tab to setup your plaque to use it.

In Scenes, click the name of the plaque you created in the left bar.

In the Plaque Editor, click on the media button and select your media.

Step 5: Add the Plaque into the Game

Now that you have defined the plaque, the next step is to decide when and how is is seen by the player.

In ARIS 2, we have two tools that help us make these decisions, Scenes and Triggers.

Start by clicking the Add Scene button in the Scene tab, name it "Tour." This will create your first scene, a container for your game objects that help organize them.

Next, add a Trigger into the Scene by clicking the + to the right of the scene name. When the dialog box appears, select View Plaque and select your Plaque from the list. This will create a Trigger for your plaque, a specific way that players can access it.

Click on the newly created Trigger in the Scene. This will load the Trigger Settings on the right that will allow you to specify how this object is accessed. For an indoor tour, you will use QR Codes.