Getting Started

The ARIS Editor can be found at The login screen is really clean and simple.

ARIS 2 Editor Login Screen

Just fill in the username and password and hit “register”. You can use these credentials on the ARIS 2 app too, any other Field Day platform like Siftr, or even our forums. Or if you’ve already signed up as a player on the app, you can use those credentials here. Just one account for everything.

If you’re coming from legacy ARIS, type in those credentials and a 2.0 account will be created that is linked to your legacy account so you can import your legacy games.

Once you're logged in, you will see the Game Picker. This allows you to choose an existing game to edit, import a legacy game from ARIS 1, or to make a new game. If you choose to make a new game, in addition to a name and description, there is a mini map so you can choose where the locations in your game should default to. If you miss this, and end up with a game centered in Madison, WI when you don't need it there, you can always change it in game settings.