|14|. Create a plague containing a video

Storyline: After talking with the Protesters, the player will see some protesters who are marching on Bascom Hill.  When the player finds the marchers, a Plague will show the player a video of the marchers and chanting.  


  1. Upload the media

    1. Click on the “Media” tab in the Header.  

    2. Click on the + button above “Upload Media”

    3. Name: Marchers

    4. Choose File: Locate and upload Video_Marchers Bascom.3gp from the Workshop Media folder

    5. Save

  2. Click on the “Scenes” tab in the Header.  

  3. To create a plaque click the + button next to the Plaques title in the Left Sidebar

  4. Fill out the form that appears.

    1. Name: Marchers

    2. Text: "Protesters marching”  

    3. Icon: Don’t add

    4. Media: Add Video_Marchers Bascom.3gp

    5. Edit Events: Don’t use

    6. Continue Button Function: Don’t use

    7. Save.

  5. Click on the + next to the “Starting Scene”

  6. Click on “Plaque” and select your “Marchers” from the list.