Introducing ARIS

ARIS is an open-source, easy-to-use platform for creating and playing augmented reality experiences on iOS devices. These experiences include:

  • Interactive Stories
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Tours
  • Data Collection Activities
  • etc. - ARIS exists as an experimental platform to expand what is possible. What are you using it for?

These experiences can include interaction based on

  • player location (GPS)
  • QR codes
  • bluetooth beacons
  • navigation of the on-screen map
  • entering alphanumeric codes (e.g. "enter the price of a cheese pizza and large soda at Panucci's Pizza")
  • media collection
  • social interaction around media collection

ARIS consists of three pieces of software:

  1. Client (app) - to play games and collect data
  2. Editor - to make ARIS experiences.
  3. Server - Games live on a database in the cloud. The client and editor read from and write to it. Upside - No need to install games or go through the app store. Downside - you need an internet connection to play.

People all around the world use ARIS for variety of purposes. Most are involved with learning somehow, from classrooms to museums, after school clubs and community action. Middle schoolers make ARIS games, and so do education researchers, artists, and moms.