Transitioning from legacy ARIS to ARIS 2

WARNING: Games in ARIS 1 are no longer supported. The server will be decommissioned September 1, 2016.

ARIS 2 is built in response to the way new users approach and expect the software to operate. That means we changed some things to have it make more sense.  That said, ARIS is committed to supporting all the great content in legacy ARIS and we will make sure that those games are available to your players until you are ready to make the transition.

Structural Differences
  1. ARIS 2 editor and player accounts are merged into one. 
  2. In ARIS 2, the fundamental view is Scenes, not a map. Scenes represent the structure of the experience you are trying to create. Inside of a scene, you can create Triggers, the conditions that will launch your games' content. 
  3. In ARIS 2, characters are elements within conversations.
  4. There is no XML based authoring of conversations, everything has an interface.
  5. "Locks" replace "Requirements" and visually allow for complex AND and OR structures. It is no longer necessary to use "Quest completed" to create complex requirements.

The Importing Process

  1. Legacy games are available using the legacy editor and client. Both are available at If you need specific help
  2. Legacy ARIS games will need to be imported into ARIS 2. When you first login into the ARIS 2 editor, it will link up with your ARIS legacy account and show your legacy games. Clicking on them will import them. 
  3. When migrating games to ARIS 2, each of the locations in your old game will be converted into two separate triggers, one for a QR code and one for the Map. Because there was no way to specify that an object should be accessed via the map or via a code (except the hack of entering in an error range of 0 for qr codes), we just make both to be safe. You will likely want to delete a lot of these triggers.
  4. Player created note content and player logs will not be imported
  5. Some conversation XML tags will not be imported because the features do not exist in ARIS 2. These include:
    1. Vibrate is now handled in ARISjs